Youth News

Hey FUMC Family,

I know I usually give you lists and let you know what’s going on in youth world.  And I can still do that today, but I want to share a bit of a devotional thought with you.

I’ll start with what is going on in youth ministry world.  CHAOS!  That’s it!  We exist in this weird space where we’re doing youth ministry, but we’re also questioning everything.  We’re planning events and wondering if we’ll have to cancel them.  We’re looking for new ways to do things.  We’re meeting outside with bon fires.  We’re dividing up and meeting in small groups.  We’re meeting online.  Sometimes we’re not meeting at all.  We’re gathering for coffee.  We’re questioning everything.  And it’s HARD.  And it’s EXHAUSTING.

And that’s where we are.

It seems like those two words have been recurring in many of my conversations over the last 8 or so months.  I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  I’m so tired of “the C word.”  I’m not even going to say it.  I think most of us are in that boat.  This mostly invisible enemy has flown into our world and caused confusion, sickness, division, and chaos.  It’s worn us out and created seemingly insurmountable difficulties.  These difficulties make so much of our ways of life seem impossible.

I want to challenge you today.  When you’re wrestling with a decision that seems impossible … when you ask yourself, “Should we do this?” because it seems hard and exhausting, I want you to add the word “how.”  That little word opens up all sorts of possibilities.  That little word opens up all sorts of creativity.  That little word can even invite God into the equation.

When you’re trying to figure out time with friends, ask “How should I do this?”  It may be that you sit outside to spend time together, or meet up online, or go for a walk.  When you’re working through your spiritual life and the life of the church, ask “HOW should I continue to support and attend church?”  Should I come and sit in the balcony or make sure I’m on the other side of the room?  Should I make a big cup of coffee and watch online and take notes?  That little 3-letter word makes all the difference.

You see, especially when dealing with matters of our souls (and the souls of others), the exhaustion and the difficulty is ALWAYS worth it.  It’s ALWAYS worth figuring out HOW instead of IF.

So, wherever you are, and whatever you’ve been wondering if you “should” do … I encourage you to give “How should I” a try.  Because you’re worth it.  Your soul is worth it.  Your community is worth it.  And your Church is worth it.

God looks good on you —