Youth News

Hey FUMC Family.

Here’s this week's FUMC Youth Top 5!

1)  I think we’re all getting a little stir crazy, myself included.  I may have a touch of ADHD.  At the very least, I can’t make myself sit still.  Last week we hit the streets.  I made a bunch of “care packages” for our students and delivered them (with a 10 foot pole).  Inside the packages, our students are encouraged to make a care package for someone else in our church on Good Friday!!

2)  One of my favorite things about youth ministry in our current reality has been TMD.  It’s been so cool to see our students continue to plan and teach devotions.  They’re so creative and rooted in God's word!  God looks real good on them!

3)  We’re still doing Elevate every Sunday night!  We’re just doing it on Instagram live.  We’re having good participation and learning new things every week about how to do things better.  Right now we’re in a series called “stuck.”   We’re talking about what to do in life when we just feel stuck.  The Bible is full of stories about folks feeling stuck.  From Jonah stuck in the fish to the Israelites stuck between Pharoah's army and the Red Sea to Paul stuck in prison.  We can turn to God's word to find solace when we feel stuck.

4)  We’ve also kept up our weekly Wednesday Bible Study.  We’re still working our way through Acts.  We meet on Google hangout each week!  Our attendance has held strong!  Our kids seem to love to dig in to the Bible.

5)  I know we’re “stuck” right now...and we can begin to feel anxious.  One thing I’m doing to ward off these anxieties is spending time each week brainstorming about the HUGE party we’re going to have when this thing is over.  Because we WILL get through it.  And we WILL party together when we do!

That’s all for now.

God looks good on you --