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Elevate Top 5

Hey, FUMC Family!

Here’s this week’s Elevate Top 5!

1)  Last week we had a treasure hunt!! We split into groups and hit the streets to find the treasure. Turns out EVERYONE deserved a treat from Sonic!  Summer Sundays are THE best!
2) No Elevate this week!  Enjoy the Holiday weekend!
3) No 12:12 this week.

4) No Middle School Hang this week.

5) This summer will definitely be different but I fully believe it will be exciting and impactful as ever.  We have lots of fun plans we’ll be unveiling along the way from a guy/girl specific small group, to potential getaways, to every-week mission opportunities.  Stay on the lookout and we’ll do our best to keep everyone in the loop in this strange (but exciting) Summer season!

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