Youth News

Hey FUMC family.

This week is Graduation Recognition Sunday.  It feels good to get back to some sort schedule that feels “normal.”

But the young men and women we’re recognizing this week have had anything but a “normal” finish to their high school career.  They’ve masked, and missed proms and volleyball games.  They’ve spaced out and haven’t hugged.  They’ve dealt with a junior and senior year that no one has ever experienced.

These kids were rising 8th graders when I arrived to Eufaula.  They were bright eyed and bushy tailed and full of great potential.  I truly can’t express the amount of joy I’ve had walking with them through the past 5 years.  From youth missions and Road Rules, to Bible studies, football and volleyball games, to watching them grow and win awards.  So many of our graduating class have grown to truly feel like family to me.  And this Sunday is bitter sweet.

It’s sweet because it lets us see them take their next step into the futures God has for them.  Because life feels a little more normal and we get to give them the recognition they deserve. 

But it’s bitter because as they move on they most certainly leave little holes in our family.

If you see a senior this week give them a hug if you feel comfortable.  Make sure they know that they ALWAYS have a place here with us.  Pray for them.  And ask them what they’re going to do to change the world.  Because y’all, with the things they’ve been through, the training they’ve had, and the ambition God has put in their hearts, this is only the beginning.

God looks good on you —


Our Seniors

Mary Jensen Bailey                             Jackson Mitchell

Betsy Bennett                                      Sarah Murph

Riley Greene                                       Sealy Smith

Ryan King                                            Anna Stanley

Brooke Mitchell