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Hey FUMC Family,

I know you’re reading this Wednesday (or after) but as I write this, it’s Martin Luther King Day.  As part of my Devotional time this morning I reflected on the life of Dr. King.  Y’all know me.  And you know I’m a list maker.  So of course I jotted down a few things I wanted to remember and imitate about Dr. King.  These are the things:

1)  I want to be incredibly bold about the things that matter, and incredibly inclusive about the things that don’t.

2)  I want to be committed to my community.

3)  I want my life to exist to be poured out for others.  Paul talks a lot about this concept in his writings.  He talks about how we should be an offering “poured out for the Gospel.”  I think Dr. King lived like that.  I think he largely counted others greater than himself and I’d love to be found doing the same!

That’s all for now.

God looks good on you —