Music Notes

Dear FUMC,

I wanted to use this week’s article to do a little complimenting and thanking.  We are getting ready to begin a new season of Children’s choirs.  And while we are still looking for the perfect fit for our Genesis Choir director, we have the perfect Joyful Singers director already.  Wanda Styles (affectionately called “Miss Wanda”) has directed the Joyful Singers for many wonderful years. 

As many of you know, Wanda was an elementary music teacher in our public schools for quite a few years.  Her expertise and talent has earned her the respect of so many, many people.  Her success with her school music program provided her with the experience to be our Joyful Singers director.  Add to Wanda’s ability to teach children the knowledge of how to use our Orff instruments.  Carl Orff was the musician who instituted the teaching of music through the use of tuned percussion instruments.  We are blessed to have many of these instruments at our disposal and even more blessed that Wanda has the knowledge of how they should be used.  I hope that you all understand that Wanda Styles is a treasure to be appreciated.  The children in her choirs receive the best musical experience available.  My thanks to Wanda for being willing to be a blessing for us.

Also, in addition to Ann Mitchell being an outstanding organist, she is also the accompanist for the Joyful Singers.  She and Wanda make a super team that cannot be beat.  She is not just a second person required by our Safe Sanctuary stipulations but an integral part of the team.  Many, many thanks to Ann as well.

Our Joyful Singers Choir will begin their rehearsals on Wednesday, September 1 at 4:30 in the choir room.  Children in the second grade through the fifth grade are encouraged to come and bring a friend.  We really shouldn’t be stingy with this music program.  We should take pride that we have it and invite as many young friends to experience it as possible.

In closing, I would like to say that those children who participate gain more than just an hour per week of music.  They can give back to God some of the talent that he has given them.  They can be a blessing to us all, as we have seen in past presentations.  They have fellowship with other children through music.  Educators say that those children who participate in a music program do better in school.  It’s a no-brainer folks.  Let’s make sure that every child who can will have the opportunity to experience music with Miss Wanda and Miss Ann. 

I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday. 

God bless,