Music Notes

Dear FUMC,

Life is filled with freaky occurrences and unexpected twists.  Many times things are able to be worked out but sometimes you just have to hope things work out.  This was so this past Saturday afternoon.

My wife, Cathie and her friend Cindy drove to a wedding in New Brockton on Saturday in the Outback.  All was well until the snake appeared from under the hood of the car.  Cathie tells me that as they were driving toward their destination, a black and silver snake raised its head at the very front of the vehicle.  Needless to say, the ladies were surprised.  They pulled to the side of the road and at the same time another car heading toward the wedding from Eufaula pulled up beside them and said, “hey, y’all have a snake under your car.”  The thought was to see if someone that lived close by had a hoe to do the little rascal in.  They raised the hood…no snake!!  They could not find it anywhere.  So wondering if the next presentation of the snake would be from under the dashboard, they proceeded to the wedding.  All was well, the wedding was beautiful, and the food was delicious.  A good time was had by all.  After the wedding, Cathie and Cindy got back into the car knowing full well that by now, the snake had moved on to greener fields.

It was not to be so.  Half way home, the snake again appeared from the front of the car.  As the ladies pulled into Eufaula, they noticed that a police car was in the parking lot of the “Big Pig” and went to the officers.  Cathie tells me that one of the officers wasn’t too excited about being asked to look for a snake under the hood but as he said, “sometimes you have to face your fears.”  The hood was raised and the officers searched well…no snake!  So Cathie drove home with snake in tow.  She decided that the best place to park the car was in the parking lot of the Midsouth Bank.  In our minds, the snake would come out and mozey down to the creek and swim away.  (Or perhaps meet an untimely demise crossing the train tracks.)

We have no idea how the snake got there and we don’t believe it came from our yard (at least we hope not).  I’m hoping the snake read our minds and went down to the creek.  Cathie said that it was not poisonous from its markings but still it was large.  We’ll let you know if we see it again.

But folks, this is life.  One never knows what will happen.  Life is an adventure.  Many times worse things happen than a snake under the hood.  I’m glad that we can turn to God for strength and calm at those times.  I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday.

God bless,