Music Notes

“We’re blessed to be a blessing…”

How many of you remember the old hymn, “Make Me a Blessing?”  It was one of those that we used to sing from the Cokesbury Worship Hymnal on Sunday evenings when I was growing up in this church.  A phrase from this hymn says, “out of my life may Jesus shine.”  Even when I was a teenager in the 1960’s, this hymn got my attention.  I wanted to be a blessing also and wondered how I might do that.

Recently, I discovered a really great song by a song writer/singer who lives in Dothan named Mike Wilhoit.  The title is “We’re Blessed to be a Blessing.”  The first verse says, “Look around, there’s no doubt we’re truly blessed.  The Lord has poured His grace on us.  But do we sit back only wanting more and more, failing to share the riches of our Savior’s love?  We are blessed to be a blessing, here to make Him known.  To lightly hold to this world for it is not our home.  We’re stewards of the message of everlasting change.  We’re blessed to be a blessing, to pour out the love of a King.”

And then, when I was chapter advisor of my fraternity, it was my duty in our initiation ceremony to give a two-page challenge to the new brothers.  Part of that challenge says, “as you advance, remember that others follow.”  It was an honor and a privilege to say these words to others, as I believe them myself.  I know many fraternities and sororities were founded on values such as this and I am proud to be a brother in one that holds this value as important.

But as I look back over my life, I feel that there have been times that I have not been that blessing.  I would imagine that you also can admit to the same thing.  I pray that we can always remember that once we embrace Christianity, we don’t just stop there.  We work toward blessing others that they too may draw closer to our triune God.

We have many excellent opportunities coming up in the near future to be that blessing and we probably know how we can do it if we just take that first step.  We may have some kind of beef with someone else at church or even a staff member such as the choir director who may have inadvertently done something that alienated us.  My hope is that we can all mend those relationships and then take the next step to embrace being that blessing that only you can be.  Think about it and pray about it and I will do the same. 

God bless,