From the Pastor

The Problem with Problems

One of the things that you find out about problems is that we all have them.  We have problems in our relationships, at work, within ourselves, and spiritually as well. Problems are common in all of life. 

One of the differences between us is how we handle our problems.  Some deal with their difficulties by ignoring them, like the check engine light in their car.  Some blame all their problems on others so that, at least in their own minds, they never do anything wrong.  Some run from their problems.  But others face their challenges and deal with them.  Guess which people grow and mature in their character? 

One of the hallmarks of a mature person is the ability to face problems head-on and find a solution.  However, some people may be able to do that with the difficulties they encounter at work, but not in their relationships.  They can work through challenging financial problems, but not issues in their spiritual life. 

Psychologist, author, and leadership consultant Dr. Henry Cloud says that one of the first steps we need to take in resolving the issues is to take ownership of the problem.  Often a problem lumbers around the office or home like the proverbial elephant in the room.  It’s there, everybody sees it, it affects everything negatively, but no one does anything about it.  The one who owns the problem has the best chance to fix it. 

To own the problem doesn’t mean you caused it, or that you accept blame for it, it just means you are going to do something about it when no one else will. It means you will try to solve it rather than try to assign blame.  Once you own the problem, you can do something about it. 

Not every problem will be solved that easily, but you might be surprised how quickly issues can be resolved once we take ownership of them and act.

Pastor Alan