Elevate Top Five

What's happening this week:

● There’s no Elevate this week, as it is Memorial Day weekend.  Spend time with family!  Grill a burger!  And remember those who’ve given their lives for something greater than themselves!  We’ll be full-speed ahead next week!

● 12:12 starts one week from today!  (Wednesday, May 29)

● AMped begins Sunday, June 2


What’s coming up: 

  • May 19  - Summer Kickoff Luau
  • June 2 at 5:30 - Milkshakes, Mustaches, and Magic

  • June 16-20  Atlanta Missions (sign up online)


What you can plan for:

We made a pretty big announcement this Sunday!  We’re heading to Kenya! That’s right, next summer we’ll take the long flight to the African Plains! 

We’ll be serving with an organization called Divine Providence.  Be on the lookout for an info meeting.  I know this seems like a long way away, but DEADLINES ARE OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE.  It’s gonna be a great trip!


How You Can Help:

  • Stay in the loop!  You can receive reminder texts from our youth department by texting @elevate88 to 81010.


Wild Card:

Sunday mornings in the summer are sure to be special! Come check out AMped starting on June 2nd.  It’s a mix between a breakfast meeting, a worship service, and a party.  There won’t be a better place to be on Sunday mornings, that’s for sure!