Elevate Top Five

What we’re teaching:

Last week we had our 3rd Annual Tacky Sweater Progressive Dinner.  We had over 40 students and we celebrated big-time! A huge thanks to our hosts, food providers, and drivers.  We really couldn’t do this without you!


What’s coming up: 

  •  IMPACT Registration IS OPEN (www.fumceufaula.org/register)
  • December 16:  Christmas Movie Night
  • December 18-20:  Road Rules (MS and HS)


What you can plan for:

IMPACT Weekend February 8-10


How You Can Help:

  • Are you willing to drive a van for a youth trip?
  • Be a Host Home for IMPACT?
  • Chaperone Road Rules?

Can you help with any of these things? Contact me at britt@fumceufaula.org


Wild Card:

To harken back to our “what we’re teaching” section, I’d love to share that this year we actually had enough kids that we had to split our group up into middle and high school and do 2 progressive dinners!  What a great problem to have, right?  Well, our big-time dream right now is to get to a point where we can split the group on Sunday nights.  We believe that’s what it’s going to take for us to do the most effective ministry with our students. 

We did this for a couple months last school year, but just truly don’t have enough adults on our Sunday night team to make it work like it needs to.  I’m asking you over this holiday season to pray earnestly about joining our Sunday Night team.  The work they do is SO important (and rewarding)!  Let me know if you’re interested.